The Beauty of Silver with Jessica Jue at the V&A

Visit the stunning V&A Silver Galleries and join dynamic and up and coming silversmith Jessica Jue as she demonstrates how to embellish the surface of sterling silver using a variety of hand techniques to create a contemporary piece.
Long cherished for its unique properties, silver is recyclable, antibacterial and malleable, allowing it to be sculpted, decorated and formed.

At this event, visitors will be able to watch Jessica work live on pieces of sterling silver in the surroundings of the V&A’s Silver Galleries, ask questions and handle samples. Suitable for any age or interest level. Chair of Contemporary British Silversmiths Angela Cork will be on hand to answer any questions about careers in silversmithing and the commissioning process.

Contemporary British Silversmiths is the leading association for contemporary silver in the United Kingdom. It is a membership organisation set up to inspire creativity and promote excellence in design and craftsmanship to new audiences nationally and internationally. Alongside promoting the excellent design and craftsmanship of its members, it also aims to create a virtuous circle of skills transfer to protect and pass on skills for the future.

Jessica Jue is a London based silversmith who explores traditional techniques to craft beautiful contemporary designs. Inspired by themes of balance and harmony, she aims to create a sense of movement and rhythm within her collection. Fluid and playful curves form the organic visual narrative. Jue manipulates her forms through techniques of raising and chasing, while also exploring various surface textures, most recently with the addition of gold.