Silver: The Dark Side

Silver: The Dark Side

Silver: The Dark Side was a trailblazing exhibition at this year’s Goldsmiths’ Fair that showcased silver in a dramatic new light.

Out of 19 selections made by curator Brian Kennedy, 16 were members of Contemporary British Silversmiths.

This special display of new and recent work from some of the UK’s most exciting silversmiths and jewellers featured striking pieces with black oxidised silver surfaces, plating and non precious metals that challenge traditional perceptions of silver.

Blackened objects, several of which combine precious and non-precious metal, were transformed into low-maintenance luxuries.

Organised by renowned craft and design consultant and curator, Brian Kennedy, the display brought the dark out of the shadows, shining a spotlight on opaque metal. “Many years ago, while visiting the Art Institute of Chicago, I came across a case holding a magnificent pair of Georgian candelabra. Instead of the usually gleaming silver, I was confronted by two inky black oxidised pieces, mysterious and slightly sinister and oh so contemporary! A love affair with blackened silver had begun,” Kennedy confided.

Members selected were: Juliette Bigley, Abigail Brown, Angela Cork, Alan Craxford, Rebecca de Quin, Tamar de Vries Winter, Karina Gill, Kathryn Hinton, Kyosun Jung, Nan Nan Liu, Ryan McClean, Emma-Jane Rule, Mary Ann Simmons, Hazel Thorn, Adi Toch, Adam Veevers.