“Heidelberg Christmas window” by Vicki Ambery-Smith


“Heidelberg Christmas window” by Vicki Ambery-Smith| 55mm | Sterling silver | £114


This window design is inspired by a Gothic church in Heidelberg.  Each year Vicki researches a new church window design to compliment the previous year’s shapes & design to make an interesting festive silver collection. This is a limited edition of 20.
The window design is separated in to two levels – the main framework on the top, with the small window shapes below. These two designs are transfered onto silver sheet and each tiny shape is cut out with a very fine fretsaw, then soldered one layer over the other.  This forms the ‘master’ or prototype from which 20 silver castings are made. Hallmarked London
“Heidelberg Christmas window” by Vicki Ambery-Smith| 55mm | Sterling silver | £114

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