Maksym Ofman


Maksym Ofman

I’ve recently graduated from my BA course in 3D Design and Craft at Brighton University. My course hasn’t been specifically silversmithing or even metalsmithing orientated, nevertheless silversmithing was the path that I have chosen and followed throughout my degree. Due to the big scale of my pieces I’ve mostly used copper in my work at university. I’ve only started working with silver when I came to Bishopsland. That’s where I developed my skills and started building up the foundations for becoming a silversmith.

A lot of my inspirations come from history and mythology. I like making pieces that are somewhat in a dialogue with the past. I would like my work to be not only aesthetically pleasing but also to have a past, a context behind it that people can unveil. Recently I’ve been specifically interested in the Dark Ages in the history of British Isles. I have done research on Anglo-Saxons, their mythology, culture, history. It is amazing how little is revealed about this period and how despite the earlier conclusions, it was a period of cultural and artistic flourish. I’m also fascinated by orientalism.

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