Danske Sølvsmede & British Guests

THE DANSKE SØLVSMEDE (Danish Silversmiths) have invited the members of Contemporary British Silversmiths to exhibit at their biannual exhibition at the Danish Silver-Museum “Koldinghus” in Kolding, Denmark in 2014. It is the great belief of Danske Sølvsmede that modern silversmithing is opening up into an International Community.

The Danish Silversmiths are very eager to contribute to this development which aligns with the ethos of Contemporary British Silversmiths in the United Kingdom. With several international members in its group and the organising of the international Hammerclub 2005 – Koldinghus and “Hammerclub 2010 – Copenhagen” it has been entertaining this international ambition for many years and we would like to further this.

The event will showcase the best of both country’s silversmithing and feature a two day silversmithing symposium. Denmark and Britain both have a very solid and vibrant tradition of the highest quality craftsmanship of silversmithing. Both communities have the urge and ambition to renew and transform our craft with contemporary qualities. This is a very important and international process. This exhibition is an opportunity to show the best of both of our communities.

“Danske Sølvsmede with British Guests”

The Museum at Koldinghus, Denmark

October 11 – November 10