About Us

Contemporary British Silversmiths was launched in 1996 by a core group of makers determined to give a voice to a new generation of silversmiths, rich in diverse talents with a wealth of exciting new ideas. Encouraging innovative thinking and re-affirming a shared commitment to excellence in design and workmanship have been our flagship values.

Over the past decade our many exhibitions have travelled throughout the UK, and to Holland, Germany, Denmark, Taipei, USA and most recently Finland. These exhibitions and events showcase members' work and provide makers with the opportunity and environment in which to explore and develop fresh ideas.

Formerly known as the Association of British Designer Silversmiths, we are organised by an annually elected committee and largely funded by membership fees. Membership includes established makers, by selection, recent graduates and students. We also have Friends and Corporate members, many of whom are non-makers but who share our enthusiasm for the art and craft of silversmithing.

Contemporary British Silversmiths is dedicated to maintaining and advancing the historic craft of silversmithing within the context of contemporary design. We represent a valuable forum for silversmiths throughout the country and an important point of contact for anyone interested in modern silverware.

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